Cyberbullying: Are you Guilty?

Cyberbullying: Are you Guilty?

Cyberbullying: Are you Guilty?

Are you a guilty participant of cyberbullying? Perhaps you are and are unaware of the impact your actions cause. Cyberbullying affects the young, old and in-between. If you feel you or a loved one is a victim of cyberbullying click the link (“definition”) below to learn more.

Happy Monday beautiful, and welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s Hair Police! Yes, the HAIR POLICE, the column you mocked in your Facebook chat. The beauty blog you took screen shots of against my authority to prove a point. A baseless point by the way as once again ignorance prevails over common sense. It’s why you and your group of haters are the topic of the day: cyberbullying.

Let me start by clarifying whom I am calling beautiful. You are my avid readers, my family, my friends, my clients, and perhaps a new stumbler that managed upon my site by accident. You, and you know who you are…those guilty of cyberbullying, have ugly hearts. Your  jealousy, ignorance and hatred dwarfs your inner beauty.

I was recently a victim of cyberbullying. However, let’s be clear about the term victim. Their actions didn’t harm me, despite their best efforts. The definition of cyberbulling is quite clear. “Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.”

A former coworker and disgruntled employee became the Pied Piper to current and former students with a series of online bashing. AND YES, I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU—no shade here girls, just not your names. So, if you think you fit the profile, and you don’t know me, then perhaps your cyberbullying behavior needs to be put in check as well.

One girl took screen shots of my blog. The focus was on the term “Gossip” because it was frowned upon in school. Little does she know! She is unaware why the category is listed on my blog. I wrote a column for sex and relationships and reality TV. Because I wanted to incorporate all of my articles on this Beauty Blog, the creator felt the term “Gossip” would encompass the celebrity aspect for SEO purposes rather than confuse readers. Guess it didn’t work.

The organizer of the multiple Facebook chats and another called me “ugly” and other puerile things. I am still laughing out loud. One said I “suck her ass on the clinic floor,” but didn’t stop eating my lunch in my 30-minute break, or get off an important call with my husband to say goodbye…wonder why? And yet another felt my personal life was fodder for their cause…all quite laughable.

However, your cyberbullying didn’t just affect me. Your words hurt others. The damage you attempted to do didn’t work, but instead broke trust, bonds, and relationships. Once found out, you all turned your sights against the girl you thought brought your venom to our attention.

It might seem I am bitter by the above. No, not at all, I am actually glad. As a result, it did open my eyes to the ugly fact of cyberbullying, the lack of self-confidence in those that participate, and the need of parents to monitor online behavior, including myself. It’s sad that so-called adults need to bash others in a “private” forum because they lack the courage to say those words out loud in public, face-to-face. Time to move on and grow.

If you are a victim of cyberbullying or know someone who is, there are helpful resources. Click the word “definition” above for more information. And if you pursue such acts, seek therapy and pray Karma doesn’t come back to kick you in your ass.

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