#KruegerKindness: Flaunt it if You Got it

#KruegerKindness: Flaunt it if You Got it

#KruegerKindness: Flaunt it if You Got it

#KruegerKindness was trending last week because of a group of jealous women. The topic hit home after writing about cyberbullying, which then put Liz Krueger’s scenario off until this week’s Hair Police. For those not in the know Liz Krueger was a “target” for wearing a sexy dress to a wedding. Her story later ran throughout social media and major publications. What’s your opinion?

Happy Monday beautiful, and welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s weekly rant of hair, beauty and fashion violations. However as reader’s discovered last week, not all of the Hair Police columns focus on the industry. Some revolve around ugly spirits, hence the Liz Krueger story of #KruegerKindness.

#KruegerKindness began following an Instagram photo of fitness expert Liz Krueger in a tight dress for a wedding on a hot day. The response to her sexy attire was not kind. Consequently, Liz had this to say to her haters.

mrslizkrueger: If only I knew that choosing this dress for a wedding on a 90 degree day meant so many women would be out rightly rude to me, and even come up behind me and slap my ass as I’m standing alone saying, “It was a dare from friends, because I was a target.” And then proceed to spill a full beer down my arm. Just one of maaaaany acts of kindness of the night! Yup, that happened. Good thing for thick skin, being able to laugh at things and not take it personally, and good friends/hubby by my side #adultsarebullystoo
 Regardless, we had one heck of a fun night and no “grown” women’s comments/glares could bring me down as a wedding guest:)


#KruegerKindness (click to expand)

Nausea arose as I read the story, the #KruegerKindness comments, and Liz’s post. This woman looks fantastic. Not for nothing, but if I still looked like that you better be damn straight I would rock that dress. However, I might respond a bit different to the hate.

Krueger clearly works hard and the women’s responses were akin to jealous schoolgirls in the lunch line. They should be ashamed of themselves. Thankfully #KruegerKindness has spread, sending much love Liz’s way.

Enough with the body shaming: if someone looks amazing, jealous women glare. If someone is squeezing into a dress two sizes too small, negative comments abound. How about this novel idea: we as women embrace one another for all of our differences and build up each other’s self-esteem rather than tear it down?

For those of you that had a negative response to Liz’s attire, guess what? Don’t bother commenting here. This blog is only for the positive and #KruegerKindness. Rock on sister, you look amazing!

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