Coping With Hair Loss: How To Handle Thinning, Balding

Coping With Hair Loss: How To Handle Thinning, Balding

Coping With Hair Loss: How To Handle Thinning, Balding Hair

Coping with hair loss is not an easy task. According to a new survey from Advanced Dermatology one’s ability to handle thinning/balding depends upon region. Adding my experience to the mix, gender is also significant. Find out the best way to deal with hair loss in this week’s Ask the Pro Stylist How-To.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous! As today calls for another of Ask the Pro Stylist’s how-to, this week focuses on coping with hair loss.

Since the It’s A 10 Hair Care Super Bowl Commercial (below) deals with 4 years of ugly hair loss, aka Trump, it is very fitting to spend time on how to handle this issue.

It is clear the orange ass doesn’t believe he has a hair loss problem. It is also clear he doesn’t own many issues, including a possible drug addiction, narcissism, penis envy; sexism…the list is too long. However, most normal men accept thinning/balding, coping with hair loss as adults do.

Advanced Dermatology has put together a survey of 500 men experiencing hair loss. Interestingly, those that are least concerned with their appearance live in the Northeast. New Yorkers understand sex appeal comes from confidence, and this area oozes self-worth.

However, many men, and women for that matter, rely on a full head of hair for self-confidence, ultimately affecting their self-esteem. According to the American Hair Loss Association, women comprise 40% of the hair loss population. From my professional experience, I can honestly state hair loss affects women quite differently.

There are many ways to take on hair loss. Hair thickening treatments, surgery, adding hair fibers, etc. are all ways to combat thinning. Additionally, Hair Club, the hair loss experts, has been boosting self-esteem for years.

For additional ideas on coping with hair loss or other beauty tips, visit next Tuesday. Until then, happy styling!

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