Younger Looking Skin How-To Defy Mother Nature

Younger Looking Skin How-To Defy Mother Nature

Younger Looking Skin How-To Defy Mother Nature

Get younger looking skin with this week’s beauty how-to. Defy Mother Nature as you begin to reverse the aging process with an incredible skincare breakthrough.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous! As today calls for an Ask the Pro Stylist’s how-to, this week’s focus is on younger looking skin. Let’s defy Mother Nature with the introduction of Osmosis Skincare’s Patent Pending Liposomal Delivery System.

So, here is a big reveal for me. Last month I turned 49. Ugh, how that hurts. It really does. And honestly, up until I turned 47 it never bothered me. But there was something about that birthday that is painful.

Prior to 47, when I let on how many children I had and their ages, I was always met wit surprise. “Oh my, wow, you don’t look it, etc., etc.” Then 47 and it stopped. Now I hear, “You are in great shape for 4 kids,” but nothing like before.

I cannot stop looking in the mirror, praying for younger looking skin and magic. I can’t afford cosmetic procedures, but need to in the beauty biz. And don’t get me started on my weight. Sure I am still thin, but not like before.

Mother Nature keeps my friendly friend coming on schedule, and menopause is not in my immediate future. But my lines! I hate them. I stare in a mirror and want to cry. My youth is gone and I feel so is my beauty.

My husband is loving and supportive, and thank God I have all boys. They are the sweetest with wonderful compliments. But the mirror doesn’t lie.

Yes, beauty is skin deep, and in the eyes of the beholder. I read somewhere that we perceive ourselves as 10% better than we really are. And then I think, wow, I’m fucked!

Despite my despair, I do follow a strict skincare regimen. I also try to eat right, although the holidays kill me as does my love of wine.

To start, drink plenty of water, avoid white food, and remove makeup in the evening. Washing the face in the morning and exfoliating in the evening is a must. And don’t forget to moisturize.

When applying skincare layer the products as follows: serum then moisturizer. I also use Clarisonic Opal under my eyes, get quarterly facials (or try to). In addition, I apply Preparation H on puffy eyes after a rough night.

I am heading to a dermatologist to check out the cost of Botox! OH MY! I will do before and after photos. But, let’s be real when the deep lines form, nothing but cosmetic procedures will work.

I began using a revolutionary serum from Osmosis Skincare, and I love it. My skin feels tighter and toned. Someone just complimented me on my glow. I will do a full review in my Friday Favorites column in a few weeks.

For now I use Stemfactor – Growth Factor Serum twice a day. Over 150 different skin growth factors derived from adult stem cells create this magical serum. It gently restores the repair process and stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin. In addition the serum heals hyperpigmentation and reverses aging for younger looking skin.

For additional younger looking skin and beauty how-tos, visit next Tuesday. Until then, happy styling!

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