Women’s Face Shaving Is Not Just For The Bearded Lady

Women’s Face Shaving Is Not Just For The Bearded Lady

Women’s Face Shaving Is Not Just For The Bearded Lady

Women’s face shaving has hit an all-time popularity high. Apparently, the act produces a smoother canvas for makeup application and is huge among beauty vloggers. Find out why in today’s Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist.

Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day! As today is Wednesday, it is time for another Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist. Today Olivia has a question regarding women’s face shaving.

Hi Deirdre!

I was reading your article on dermaplaning and had a question for you…

Recently I decided to get on the bandwagon of “shaving” my face. Following the instructions of a registered cosmetologist, I purchased the proper razor.

I love how my skin feels afterwards. I am glowing!

My question is…It’s been about a week since I shaved. I can already see the hairs growing back; do I shave again or wait?

Thank you!

So, to reiterate, dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique. As a result, smooth, hairless skin creates a beautiful canvas for makeup. Additionally, many report a glowing complexion. Vellus hair is removed with a surgical grade razor.

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty has a great video describing her results from women’s face shaving. More women are adopting this technique, oftentimes weekly. Therefore to answer Olivia’s question, yes, you could shave weekly.

However, as a beauty educator, I have onesmall criticism of what Huda is telling viewers. She recommends women’s face shaving on clean, dry skin. Wet, dry, or frequency will never affect thickness of regrowth. Vellus hair (fine, baby hair) will never turn into pubic or terminal hair, which is coarser in nature.

So, shave away ladies. Just be sure to use the proper tools.

If you have a question similar to today’s women’s face shaving query, please email me at DeirdreAHaggerty@gmail.com. Until then, happy styling!

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