UV Lamps 411: Get the Lowdown on Gel Nail Safety

UV Lamps 411: Get the Lowdown on Gel Nail Safety

UV lamps 411: Get the Lowdown on Gel Nail Safety

UV lamps and their potential danger are once again the hot topic of the day. A reader wants to know my thoughts on the subject of gel nail safety, which is today’s subject of Wednesday’s Q&A.

Happy Hump Day hotties, and welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s weekly Q&A. Since my article on the safety of gel manicures over 2 years ago, I have been bombarded with backlash, readers’ questions, and interested parties wanting to expose the nail industry and the dangers of UV lamps.

That has never been my intention. As a beauty professional, I understand this industry comes with a certain amount of risks. Not everything is safe or optimal towards one’s overall health, especially if people have issues to begin with.

That being said, Cheryl wrote in with a question regarding the safety of UV lamps and gel manicures.

I have been told there is no data to say the gel and UV lights are safe. I have a suppressed immune system, and need to have protection from the sun. I am 15 times more likely to get skin cancer than a normal person. This is because I have had a transplant and take medicine to keep the immune system down, so I don’t go into rejection. Would like to know your comments on this subject.

My answer would be the same for any client with health issues. Avoid the UV lamps altogether. Why risk it?

Manufacturers will of course site sources saying UV lamps and nail lights are safe, as the Professional Beauty Association did after I published my first article. However, what should be noted in the PBA’s links are the titles of two entries claiming gel manicures are safe: “UV Lamps Don’t ‘Appear’ to Cause Skin Cancer”, and “Little Risk of Skin Care Associated with the Use of Nail Lamps.” The words “appear” and “little risk” are enough to cause concerned individuals a moment of pause and reconsider if little risks are worth the almost three weeks of chip free wear.

There are new options for long lasting polish wear without the risks. OPI and CND, two leaders in the nail and gel polish industry, raced to produce lacquer with incredible gel shine and endurance without curing using UV lamps. If you are questioning the safety of nail lights, then I suggest OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System.

If you have a question similar to today’s UV lamps query, please email me at DeirdreAHaggerty@gmail.com. Until then, happy styling!

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