Summer Braid: Get the Steps for a Messy, Sexy Fishtail Braid

Summer Braid: Get the Steps for a Messy, Sexy Fishtail Braid

Summer Braid: Get the Steps for a Messy, Sexy Fishtail Braid

Nothing says warm weather like a summer braid. Get the steps for this messy, sexy fishtail braid perfect for summers at the beach, nights on the boardwalk, or even a day in the office.

Welcome to this Tuesday’s How-to get the look column from Ask the Pro Stylist! The past few weeks have been dedicated to prom, but in light of the Boho style of Coachella, I thought a step-by-step for the perfect summer braid would be apropos.

The following messy, sexy fishtail braid comes from using the Brazilian Blowout hairstyling and hair care line. As I am not familiar with the line, I left out the specific names of products. I recommend the CHI, BioSilk, Matrix and Redken professional lines to achieve this summer braid, as all have similar styling aids in their arsenal.

Summer Braid: Get the Steps for a Messy, Sexy Fishtail Braid

  1. Concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends, apply a volumizing product to wet hair for a hint of hold. Dry the hair, creating a beach wave texture that will provide the best foundation for the braid. HOWEVER, the summer braid is ideal for day 2 or 3 after washing, so apply a dry shampoo and skip to the next step.
  2. Give roots messy volume and texture with a texturizing powder. Add a dime-sized amount through the top layers of the hair, focusing on the crown. Comb fingers through the hair, pulling them through the mid-lengths to give hair a gritty feel. This will help the braid stay in place. 

  3. Use a clear elastic to help “cheat” the braid and put hair into a side ponytail. 
  4. Separate into two sections after the side ponytail has been secured.  

  5. Beginning with the left section, pull a piece from underneath and cross it over the right section so it becomes part of the right section. Repeat the same process on the right side, pulling a piece of hair from underneath and crossing it over the left section of hair. Continue this all the way down the braid and secure at the end with another clear elastic.  

  6. Once the braid is finished, carefully pull the top clear elastic out. Finish by pulling the braid apart piece-by-piece. Pull out extra pieces around the face to help create the messy look. 

  7. For added shine, apply a spritz of shine spray that also has the added protection of a UVA/UVB shield.

If your hair isn’t long enough for the summer braid, add extensions like this video suggests. Her braid is a bit chunkier, but it takes less time than if you use smaller sections for a traditional fishtail braid.

For a full breakdown of the summer braid styling products used above, visit Come back next Tuesday for more how-to guides. Until then, happy styling!

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