Salon Reception Etiquette: Front Desk Rules To Live & Work By

Salon Reception Etiquette: Front Desk Rules To Live & Work By

Salon Reception Etiquette: Front Desk Rules To Live & Work By

Proper salon reception etiquette should be the same whether corporate, high-end or a neighborhood salon. Decide where you rate in today’s Hair Police with Ask the Pro Stylist.

Happy Monday Hot Stuff! As such, it is time for another Ask the Pro Stylist’s Hair Police. Today’s beauty rant is over salon reception etiquette.

Since I have experience on both sides of the desk, I believe I can formulate an honest opinion about salon reception etiquette.

To begin, the customer is always right. It is not up to the salon coordinator to dispute, or worse yet argue, with a guest. Apologize, offer solutions and/or resolutions, and if all else fails, defer to the owner, manager, or director.

While the customer might always be right, it is up to the owner, manager, or supervisor to ensure employees are taken care of. If not, they might just walk out the door. For instance, if a client is repeatedly vulgar and uses expletives that make the stylist uncomfortable, it is up to management to dispose of him/her.

In addition to caring for the clients, it is up to the salon coordinator to tend to the stylists. If a guest cancels, it is your responsibility to inform the stylist.

Of course not every salon is the same, however, ordering lunch for all of the stylists was part of my job description. Additionally, they should always see their schedule as it often changes. And smile when it is time to cash in change. Sure, I am busy at the front desk. But, a happy salon from front to back and back to front ensures good business.

Now this isn’t to say some stylists got on my nerves. However, why would I want to hurt anyone’s feelings over it? Well then, neither should you!

Finally, never, ever, ever talk about other workers while at the front desk where clients could hear. This could be detrimental to bookings and simply just make you look like the ass you are.

For more Hair Police similar to today’s salon reception etiquette, please visit next Monday. Until then, happy styling!

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