Safe Gel Nail Polish For Allergy Sufferers

Safe Gel Nail Polish For Allergy Sufferers

Safe Gel Nail Polish For Allergy Sufferers

What are some safe gel nail polish alternatives for allergy sufferers? This was a question recently asked of me from a reader based in the UK that believes she might have had an allergic reaction to a gel manicure.

Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day! Welcome to another weekly Ask the Pro Stylist Q&A. This Wednesday Clare from the UK wants a safe gel nail polish alternative.

Hello Deirdre,

Hoping you might be able to help! I’ve been using gel polish for around two years, at first via a reputable nail brand salon and for the last nine months, using an at home kit.

I have suddenly developed an itchy red patchy rash down my inner thighs and *think* the problem could be gels (my niece and my cousin both had similar reactions, and their rashes cleared up when they stopped using gel polish).

I’ve yet to see a dermatologist but am really upset I may need to give up my gel nails!! I wondered if you know of any good gel nail polishes that might not cause problems – I am based in the UK.

You said it Clare, you do need to see a doctor first to determine if you are indeed allergic to gel nail polish. I have written about this for another reader, so I am linking the article for formaldehyde-free options that provide a safe gel nail polish alternative. As formaldehyde is the leading cause of skin allergies, I have also listed some brands to try that are formaldehyde-free that I hope are available in your country, however some are available for purchase online.

Try Haute, Brisa Gel Nails by CND are hypoallergenic, Nutra Nail Gel and Eco UV Nail System for your safe gel nail polish alternatives. If you have a question for me, please email me at Until then, happy styling!

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