How To Remove Hair Color From Nails: AGAIN

How To Remove Hair Color From Nails: AGAIN

How To Remove Hair Color From Nails: AGAIN

How to remove hair color from nails is yet ONCE AGAIN the topic of this Wednesday’s Q&A. Do I sound sarcastic? Not yet? Then read on my loves!

Whoop, whoop, it’s HUMP DAY! Welcome to the weekly Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist. Today’s See Spot Run episode is for another reader that wants to know how to remove hair color from nails: AGAIN.

Brittany sent a very impatient and illegible email in June. She needed to know ASAP how to remove hair color from nails. You see, she dyed her hair black the night before graduation pictures. As a result, this ignoramus had black nails. She did not say please and asked for an answer immediately. Um, yeh-rude little girl.

I have graduation picture tomorrow and i dyed my hair black for my sew in with gloves and my nails turned black what do i do i need answer asap (translation above)

So, obviously impatient Brittany did not go to a professional, nor did Miss Brilliant use the gloves in her box of hair dye. Is she really an avid reader or just adept at using Google?

Because I am a nice person, I did answer her back with the answer – Hand Sanitizer. It contains 70% ethyl alcohol. Not only will it kill the bacteria on her hands from scratching her ass, but it will also remove the hair color from her nails.

Can you sense the sarcasm yet? Sorry, full moon approaching and out-of-control clients that treat my students like poop got me like…BACK UP BITCH! And dear Brittany, learn some manners and say please and thank you. BTW, lay off the box hair dye and let the pros do the work. Otherwise, I guarantee your broke ass will end up in a beauty school looking to have a student fix your mess because a salon color correction is too expensive.

If you have a question like Brittany’s quest on how to remove hair color from nails, do not contact me. As a matter of fact, please, no more redundant nail queries. I guarantee if you search this site you will find your answer. However, if you have a serious beauty or hair question, please email me at Until then, happy styling! Mic drop!

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