Postpartum Hair Care Tips

Postpartum Hair Care Tips

Postpartum Hair Care Tips

For postpartum hair care tips, why not turn to the television show dedicated to a new mom. The department head for the CW’s Jane the Virgin has offered a few suggestions on how to replicate Gina Rodriguez’s character’s look for home, along with providing postpartum hair care tips for new moms.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous, and welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s how-to guide of the week. Postpartum hair care tips were recently sent to me from the folks behind the hairstyling magic of the TV show Jane the Virgin. After receiving the information, I realized that I have not devoted much time to the issue, which is important to new moms undergoing major hormonal changes.

Michelle Rene Elam is the department head hairstylist for the CW’s Jane the Virgin (Monday nights at 9/8 CST). She shared her on set styling tips for Jane’s look as a new mom. According to Michelle, “Jane is a spirited character full of life, love, and overcoming obstacles. I keep the same energy in her hair.”

“To get this kind flow at home, wrap strands of hair around a 1 – 1/4″ iron using CHI 44 Iron Guard to protect and help keep long lasting waves. I like to wind in the same direction for a fluid shape. Movement jumps out as you run your fingers through while adding White Sands Orchids Oil.”

A woman’s body goes through dramatic changes after giving birth, including hair issues. Some women report hair loss, while others that breastfeed do not. Please note, every woman is different, and if you are suffering extreme hair loss postpartum, please consult a physician.

New moms are exhausted and the go to hairstyle is often a ponytail when we are so busy loving the new bundle of joy. And as tiny hands become curious, mom’s hair is usually the first thing grabbed, just like Jane’s baby Mateo does. However, the hair needs TLC after giving birth, along with the rest of a woman’s body, but the hair is often last on the list.

For postpartum hair care tips, Michelle suggests spraying a leave in conditioner like 7 Seconds or a dab of CHI Silk Infusion after shampooing to keep mom’s hair happy. “Whip it into a cute French braid or side braid, wrap the braid with a ribbon or fun leather shoe lace, and let life bring it on. Then, end the evening by letting it loose for some soft, pretty, hydrated waves.”

Visit next Tuesday for a beauty guide similar to this week’s postpartum hair care tips from Michelle Rene Elam, department head onset stylist Jane the Virgin. Until then, happy styling.

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