Perfect Topknot for Your Holiday Hair: Get the Look

Perfect Topknot for Your Holiday Hair: Get the Look

Perfect Topknot for Your Holiday Hair: Get the Look

The perfect topknot for Thanksgiving or any of the upcoming holidays is the topic of this Tuesday’s style guide. For hot holiday hair as seen on Rowan Blanchard, read more to get the step-by-step.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous! As we enter holiday season, I felt this week’s Ask the Pro Stylist How-to should focus on the perfect topknot. This hairstyle is ideal for the Thanksgiving cook, and as a result a simple guide landed in my mailbox, perfect timing for the holidays.

Ever notice we dress up on Thanksgiving to work hard in the kitchen as we serve guests in our home. Since the feast takes time and effort, keep your hair simple, yet glamorous with a perfect topknot seen on Rowan Blanchard.

The 15-year-old Disney star wore a perfect topknot to the 20th Anniversary of Preen in October. Celebrity stylist Laurie Heaps created Rowan Blanchard’s messy topknot, supplying the guide as follows.

  • To begin, spray wet hair with White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Styling Spray for shine. As a result, it creates thermal guards.
  • In addition, roughdry hair with the CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Blow Dryer.
  • Next, pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. The key is not to make it perfect or too tight.
  • Then, twist the pony and wrap it around the base to create the bun and secure with hairpins.
  • Pull on the sides of the bun to create the shape and mess it up a bit. Start pulling on the knot with your fingers at the sides first and then at the top.
  • Finish the style off by misting Redken Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Hairspray.

For more holiday hair how-tos similar to today’s perfect topknot, visit me next Tuesday. Until then, happy styling!

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