Pedicure Gone Wrong: My New Year’s Eve Nightmare

Pedicure Gone Wrong: My New Year’s Eve Nightmare

Pedicure Gone Wrong: My New Year’s Eve Nightmare

My pedicure gone wrong was the final touch of what was to be a relaxing day of pampering. However, my New Year’s Eve day of caring for me isn’t all I hoped.

Happy New Year beautiful and welcome to Monday’s edition of the Hair Police from Ask the Pro Stylist. Due to the overwhelming nature of the holiday season, I neglected my favorite column. But, here I am with a funny story of a bad pedicure and other misadventures on New Year’s Eve.

As a professional, I can honestly say we all have bad days. As such, sometimes the client pays the price. This New Year’s Eve, I was the client.

It is a rare occasion that a hairstylist has New Year’s Eve off. Thankfully, this year, I did. Because of this, I scheduled a day of pampering before the New Year’s Eve festivities.

To begin, I took advantage of a gift certificate for a massage. It was spectacular, although there was a discrepancy with the price, which was rectified.

My husband drove my car to work and had to switch vehicles while I enjoyed a muscle-relaxing hour. A text message revealed where my car was waiting. However, the keys were locked inside.

A few phone calls later and frustrating conversations sent me walking. Instead of going home where I might scream my bloody head off, I hiked to the nail salon.

After allowing my nails to heal from months of acrylic abuse, I opted for an SNS gel manicure and a pedicure. The festive colors were just what I needed to boost my mood. No odor, intense filing or UV lamps added to the love of my gel nails. But then, the pedicure gone wrong…

This particular nail salon generally does a great job on my feet. The price is always right and I am happy. However, the nail tech could not care less. My nails were so off, by 45 degrees at least. My cuticles were cut up and the foot massage was less than par. I did speak out and my toenails were finally straight. Yet, some were round while others were square.

I paid for my service, told the manager I was not happy, did not tip the woman that did my pedicure and walked home. It cost $75 to unlock my car. Pre-gaming boosted my morale, and I was ready to ring in the New Year.

I never advocate stiffing a fellow professional. If anything, I over-tip because I am aware of the bullshit that some consumers try to pull. But this person was on her phone prior to doing my pedicure. The owner was attempting to get her to clean up and do some work. When she began my feet, her attitude was such that it was clear she did not want to do her job. And she didn’t.

For more Hair Police and pedicure rants, visit me next Monday. Until then, happy styling!

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