Hot Roots, At-Home Hair Color, DIY, All End Up Back In The Salon

Hot Roots, At-Home Hair Color, DIY, All End Up Back In The Salon

Hot Roots, At-Home Hair Color, DIY, All End Up Back In The Salon

Hot roots, at-home hair color, DIY color inevitably all end up back in the salon. Therefore, do yourself a favor and stop. Also, if you aren’t a pro or pro-in-training, I will never give you the answer for any of the above. Find out why with this week’s Hair Police.

Happy Monday Hot Stuff! Since it is the start of the week, that means it’s time for the Hair Police with Ask the Pro Stylist.

Seems like the Hair Police has been quiet for a while. Yeh, I tried being nice! But, you know…it didn’t last long. Especially after this girl contacted me on my Facebook page with a question regarding Keune hair color and hot roots.

So, the conversation went a little bit like this: (I had to edit)

DIY Colorist: “Hey, hey, I was wondering if you could help me with color? I currently have Keune 4.76 semi and red mids and ends to avoid the color build-up, but it’s too red for me. I’m wanting to go a color I’ve had before, 4.76. So, same color as my roots, but the lady used a red activator. It was a beautiful pinky, purple and vibrant red in the sun. My question is, if I use the same color, 4.76 with a red activator on my roots, will I end up with hot roots. As for the color I have now, I don’t think she used a red activator. Thank you, I hope this all makes sense. I can send pics to show the 2 tones I have now.”

ME: “Are you planning on doing this at a salon or at home?”

DIY Colorist: “Myself, I do it all the time. I go to a pro to change colors.”

ME: (Cringing at my laptop) “Are you licensed?”

DIY Colorist: “No, I have a lady I go to who isn’t available for a few months. All I am asking is if Keune red activator will give me hot roots if it wasn’t used in the last color?”

ME: “I understand your question. However, as a professional I cannot give at-home hair color advice unless you are a cosmetology student or stylist.” She has obviously never read this blog or my Facebook page.

It got ugly from there. She didn’t like my answer and told me how to fix my page. I told her, well I told her a few things. And there are so many factors to consider, which is why a professional is the only answer.

So, once again my lovelies, let me reiterate what this blog and my Facebook page is about. While it isn’t just for pros or those studying to be one, I will never give professional color or cutting advice for the “home stylist.”

Here is why! You are NOT trained. Anything you mess up, I guarantee in this world of Internet craziness, YOU will try to hole me liable. In addition, at-home and DIY chemical and cutting services send you back to the salon. Inevitably, we wind up fixing your mess, including the hot roots you will have. And finally, I will not keep money out of the hands of my colleagues who work so hard to support their careers and families.

Now what you will get here is hair care and styling product advice. Yes, I only promote professional brands. However, I will advocate coconut oil or other organic hair and skin treatments. You will receive styling tutorials from celebrity stylists, recommended beauty items, tips and tricks not of a chemical nature, State Board help, and beauty news.

If you want to risk a no answer about hot roots and DIY hair color, then please email me at You never know, you might end up on the Hair Police’s hot seat. Until then, happy styling!

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