Holiday Tipping for the Hairstylist

Holiday Tipping for the Hairstylist

Holiday tipping suggestions for your favorite hairstylist!

The hairstylist is sometimes gypped when it comes to tipping, especially if one is the owner of the salon or a work from home stylist. All too often, clients feel the owner reaps the profits; therefore a tip for quality service is overlooked. A holiday tip to show appreciation is customary this time of year for all people within the service industry.

Hairstylists, colorists, barbers, cosmetologists, nail technicians and estheticians rarely receive benefit packages, healthcare, paid vacations and work on the lower end of the pay scale. They rely on tips to help make ends meet and greatly appreciate extra money at Christmas and Hanukkah, even the owners. In these difficult economic times, many stylists are lowering prices, giving free services to friends or running affordable specials.

A customary holiday tip for the salon stylist is the cost of a one-time visit. For example, if the cost of a cut and blow dry is $25, then an average holiday gift should be a $25 tip given in a card showing a little extra consideration.

Hairstylists work hard to make you look good because they love what they do. Show them a little appreciation this holiday season with a little extra holiday tip.

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