Healthy Nail Trend Moves Across The Country

Healthy Nail Trend Moves Across The Country

Healthy Nail Trend Moves Across The Country

A new and healthy nail trend is taking off, moving across the Country from Boston to Dallas to Los Angeles. For beautiful nails and skin find out why MiniLuxe is the hottest new beauty studio.

Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day! As such, it is time for another of Ask the Pro Stylist’s Q&A of the week. This Wednesday’s topic: healthy nail trend.

Two readers have questions about their nails and subsequent allergies to acrylic and gel. Because of this, I want to feature a new healthy nail trend that is taking off. But first, let’s hear from readers Becki and Cindy:

Becki thinks she has an allergy to acrylic and gel.

I get blisters all around the cuticles. It is awful! As a result, it peels and bleeds. I had the same reaction with gel. The nail tried to lift. Is this an allergy? Silk is ok but so thin.

Cindy has a question about dip-it nails.

I am told that the dip procedure is healthier for the nails than the gel manicure, by supposedly letting them breathe more. Is this correct?

To begin, Becki, if you feel you are experiencing an allergy, you must visit a dermatologist to rule out other causes. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose, although it does sound as if it is.

Cindy, I recently had an SNS manicure (dip-it). There is no curing with UV lamps, and it does endure. However, both the removal process and coating process is the same. Harsh filing could damage the nail bed. Nothing lets your nails “breathe” except to be completely natural.

But then, I came across MiniLuxe, which offers a healthier option. I hope they are in your neighborhood. If not, due to the healthy nail trend popularity, I am sure the will be soon.

MiniLuxe “prides itself on providing surgical-grade hygienic and toxin-free nail services through employees who are fairly paid. In addition staff receives health benefits, 401K plans, flexible leave policies and all the benefits of an office job.

As you may know, the nail services industry is often predatory and exploitative for the technicians. Not MiniLuxe! After training, employees hone in on having a serious career with MiniLuxe. Additionally, stock options become available after 5 years with the nail studio.

Employees are Nail Designers (manicurist/pedicurists) and Body Editors (waxing techs, eyebrow shaping technicians). This empowers them to take their careers and themselves seriously and feel proud of what they do.

However, being ethical doesn’t take away from MiniLuxe’s trendy, snazzy nail colors and nail designs. The pristine studio offers state of the art equipment and chic décor amid a spa-like atmosphere.

MiniLuxe strongly believes in the concept of self-love and strives to provide an environment where customers can unplug, take time to themselves and recharge!”

This healthy nail trend is now in LA after having ruled the Boston and Dallas markets for several years. Schedule your couples Valentine’s Day relaxation treat or choose a gift card or beauty products for the holiday. Moreover, while you enjoy your Valentine’s Day treat, you’ll be supporting a business that empowers and enables women to be their very best versions.

If you have a question similar to this week’s healthy nail trend options, please email me at Until then, happy styling!

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