Halle Berry Oscar Hair: The Hair Police Weighs In

Halle Berry Oscar Hair: The Hair Police Weighs In

Halle Berry Oscar Hair: The Hair Police Weighs In

Halle Berry Oscar hair is a hot topic on social media. Of course, this was before the Moonlight/La La Land flub. What’s your take on Halle Berry’s natural look at the 2017 Academy Awards? Ask the Pro Stylist’s Hair Police weighs win with an unpopular opinion.

Happy Monday Hot Stuff! As such, it is time for another Ask the Pro Stylist’s Hair Police. Today’s beauty rant is over Halle Berry Oscar Hair, which apparently is so big it earns it’s own title.

However, instead of a lambasting the actress’ hair, today’s haranguing is for her critics. Halle Berry’s Oscar hair received both whimsical and crude comments over social media during the Academy Awards. Yet, let’s be honest, she can wear anything. Can you?

My problem is with women who have the insatiable urge to jump at the chance to criticize another woman over her looks. We are at a time when we need to support and lift one another up, not tear each other down.

Halle Berry took a risk with her big, natural curls. She is petite with a small head; therefore her hair seemingly overpowered her. However, the 50-year-old mother of 2 is unbelievably perfect. She looked stunning on the red carpet in her Custom Atelier Versace, including the hair.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, sometimes a quiet gasp in front of your own TV is enough. Please! As women, it is time to embrace our differences and celebrate our beauty. Rock on Halle Berry, you are gorgeous; a fact I am sure you don’t need me to reiterate.

Halle Berry’s Oscar hair photo came from POPSUGAR who has the step-by-step guide from celebrity stylist Castillo.

Halle Berry Oscar Hair: The Hair Police Weighs In

Halle Berry: 2017 Oscars

For more Hair Police similar to today’s Halle Berry Oscar hair review, please visit next Monday. Until then, happy styling!

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