Fashion Dreadlocks How-to: Recreate Marc Jacobs Colorful Runway Extensions

Fashion Dreadlocks How-to: Recreate Marc Jacobs Colorful Runway Extensions

Fashion Dreadlocks How-to: Recreate Marc Jacobs Colorful Runway Extensions

Fashion dreadlocks were hot during Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 presentation. Yet, the look came with a bit of controversy. If you love the style, then learn how to recreate the NYFW look with tips from Guido, the Redken Global Creative Director.

Happy Tuesday beautiful and welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s style guide of the week. Because NYFW left an indelible mark on fashionistas, the hair how-tos are rolling in. Marc Jacob’s colorful fashion dreadlocks are gorgeous and easy to recreate thanks to Guido’s style tips.

Fashion Dreadlocks How-to: Recreate Marc Jacobs Colorful Runway Extensions

Photo Courtesy of Redken, Used with permission

According to Guido:

Marc began talking to me about this look at the end of July. He took inspiration from Lana Wachowski’s hair. She has beautiful colored, wool hair extensions.

Additionally, the club and rave culture, Boy George, and anime were part of the creative process. We knew we wanted to find wool hair. So, we literally looked on Google and found Jena Counts’ Etsy shop, Dreadlocks by Jena.

She crafts all of the wool extensions by hand in custom colors and lengths. For this show, 12,500 yards of fabric were used, which was dyed in more than 200 different shades.

However, the fashion dreadlocks, or colorful, anime hair from the Marc Jacobs SS2017 Show has garnered its share of controversy. Many accuse the fashion designer of Cultural Appropriation, parading white fashion models with ethnic hair. Although Jacobs did issue an apology for insensitivity, he believes he has the right to artistic expression and freedom of speech. Whatever your thoughts are on the issue, the breakdown to recreate the look is as follows.


  • First, blow-dry the hairline with a boar bristle brush.
  • Next, spray a good amount of Wind Blown 05 all over the hairline and lengths. This allows the hair to receive a good texture and achieve a good grip.
  • Section the back of the hair from ear to ear. Clip up to get it out of the way.
  • Take sections of hair (about an inch thick) and twist it around the base of the dreadlock. Then, twist together.
  • Take the above section and pull it up to the top of the head to give a clean line from the profile (chin) to the top of the head.
  • Next, take sections of the twists/dreadlocks and braid them around each other. Secure with a small elastic band.
  • Once complete, take a few sections at a time and tie them up at the top in a huge ponytail. Secure that with a large elastic band.
  • Finally, take small sections of hair and knot at the top (3-4 different knots in total) to make a large bun at the top.
  • Complete the look, securing with any hairpins.

For more hair how-tos or beauty guides similar to this week’s fashion dreadlocks, visit me next Tuesday. Until then, happy styling!

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