DIY Prom Hair: Easy Half Up How-To

DIY Prom Hair: Easy Half Up How-To

DIY Prom Hair: Easy Half Up How-To

DIY prom hair has never been easier with tips and styling tools from the professionals at CHI. Learn how to create a bouncy half up prom hairstyle that you could do yourself for with this Tuesday’s How-To from Ask the Pro Stylist.

Happy Tuesday readers and welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s How-To guide for today. Prom has been the big focus as of late, but since the time has arrived for some and is just around the corner for others, this Tuesday will be the last prom hair step-by-step guide. Next Tuesday will finish the prom series with contouring makeup tips.

Today we cover DIY prom hair thanks to the pros from Farouk Systems Inc. We are going to do a simple half up hairstyle, but first learn how to create do-it-yourself waves with the CHI ARC rotating iron.

  1. After washing add a volumizing foam.
  2. Blow-dry the hair.
  3. Spray CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray throughout the hair.
  4. Section the hair.
  5. Starting at the bottom, take one-inch sections and follow the directions from the attached video.

  1. To create the half up DIY prom hairstyle you’ll need to add a little volume to the top with BIOSILK Volumizing Texturizing Therapy, rub it into the scalp and backcomb slightly with your fingers.
  2. Have hairpins and bobby pins that match the color of your hair handy.
  3. Create a part in the bang area.
  4. Wrap the hair according to the video, first prepping the ends with Farouk Royal Treatment White Truffle Foundation.
  5. Finish with a good hold hairspray such as CHI Helmet Head Hair Spray.

Enjoy your DIY prom hair and visit next week for the last of the prom how-tos, a simple way to contour. Until then, happy styling!

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