Color Oops Or Salon Color Correction? Remove Hair Color And Keep The Integrity

Color Oops Or Salon Color Correction? Remove Hair Color And Keep The Integrity

Color Oops Or Salon Color Correction? Remove Hair Color And Keep The Integrity

Color Oops is quite the phenomenon. Could it possibly take the place of a costly salon color correction? Read on for DIY hair color advice from Ask the Pro Stylist.

Whoop, whoop, its Hump Day! As such it is time for another Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist. If you think Color Oops is the answer to avoid a costly salon visit, you are so wrong. This week’s reader has a question about color correction and isn’t happy with her colorist.

My ‘supposedly’ hair dresser friend dyed my hair all one color. I wanted one shade lighter and she dyed it a way darker shade, almost black. You couldn’t tell what color it was until she left…after she left school and got far away from school. I was bullied.

I think she’s being unreasonable. She’s holding a grudge against me.  I’m going to wash it every day and condition the heck out of it. Can I use Color Oops and see what happens before stripping? Or I’ll wait and wash it every day and see what happens?

My answer:

Hi Charice,

I don’t think you were a victim of bullying. On the contrary, I think she doesn’t know what she is doing. It sounds like you had previous color on your hair. Since color doesn’t lift color, even a lighter shade, it just deposits more color. As a result, making it darker.

You can use Color Oops. I heard it works very fast. As such it is best left in the hands of the pros. But if you do it yourself, just deep condition it after. However, I really recommend you go to a salon for your color correction!

However, there is more, especially considering another question recently posed. The fact is, as a working stylist and educator, I cannot in good conscience offer at-home hair color advice to the nonprofessional. In addition, I will not be liable for YOUR DIY mistake.

Leave the color play to the pros folks. You have not been properly trained. And yes, that is an answer. It might not be the one you want or a formula you request, but it is the only answer that is suitable for someone without experience.

Now back to Color Oops. It is a nonprofessional product available in pharmacy retail chains. While it does remove color, it has the potential for being very damaging, especially when in the hands of someone unaware of what to look for.

Salon color correction is the way to go here. Better yet, stay off the at-home boxes. In the case of Charice, your friend has some issues she needs to work out. She will learn. And so will you. Visit a salon and have them correct your hair color.

If you have a question like today’s Color Oops query, please email me at And remember, while this site is not just for professionals, I will only give hair color advice to the pros or cosmetology students. Until then, happy styling!

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