Choosing The Right Cosmetology School: Begin Your Beauty Career On The Best Path

Choosing The Right Cosmetology School: Begin Your Beauty Career On The Best Path

Choosing The Right Cosmetology School: Begin Your Beauty Career On The Best Path

Begin your beauty career on the best path by choosing the right cosmetology school. What questions should you ask? Read on in this week’s beauty guide.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous! And welcome to Ask the Pro Stylist’s beauty how-to of the week. As a cosmetology instructor, I often encounter current beauty students questioning their decisions. Specifically, choose the right cosmetology school for your wants/needs.

In choosing the right cosmetology school, there are a list of questions you should ask upon a tour. The following are important suggestions, as well as a self-awareness check at the end.

Cosmetology School Checklist

Before your appointment check the beauty school reviews. But forget Yelp. While some might be helpful, they are usually from disgruntled students. Check reviews from former employees on job websites such as In addition, ask beauty professionals about their beauty education!

Thoroughly inspect the school as you tour it. Does it look rundown? Are there areas of disrepair? Is it clean? As a result, this could signal a school that does not have money in its budget for repairs. If you are paying upwards of $10,000+, you will want your money’s worth.

What type of curriculum/tools are provided? Do they use iPads, smart TVs, and smart boards? If they aren’t, they should be. In today’s world of modern technology, the best way to teach is to stay current and provide students what they will encounter in the beauty world.

Be specific as to what courses you want and why? Then ask to see the class in action. For example, if it is makeup you want, then ask. Ask to see the kit. What type of makeup do they provide? Ask to speak to students taking the course. Is there a focus in the business of beauty? You will want this to help you advance your career.

Are there time slots for guest artists?

Is there monthly/yearly teacher training? Does the cosmetology school offer continuing education for the teachers? Are they all licensed hairstylists as well as licensed to teach from your state?

Do you want to pay tuition or have a free beauty education? Taking BOCES while in high school is free. However, that program is generally 2 years. Private schools offer more services and advanced techniques in less time..

Is the school accredited? Why is this important to you? It means the beauty school must maintain a certain standard of education. In addition, you can receive financial aid from the state. This is not a monthly payment plan, which all schools offer. That is not financial aid. That is simply repayment. Financial aid is needs based. This is very important, because your current circumstances might not allow for you to pay monthly tuition.

What is the plan to makeup hours? Do they give you set hours to play with before you need to begin making them up?


Choosing The Right Cosmetology School: Begin Your Beauty Career On The Best Path

Up-do Contest winner, Danielle, from my school. Hire her! She is amazing!

Work it! You get what you put into it. If you think your cosmetology school will make you a hairstylist or makeup artist, you are wrong. Going to law school doesn’t make me a lawyer. Studying and passing the bar does. It is your job to be present and engaged.

Rules are in place as with any other continuing education facility. If you break rules, expect consequences. Don’t treat beauty school like a joke.

Be prepared to learn. Theory classes are serious and you will learn the technical and medical terms for nail disorders, skin diseases and the molecular structure of hair, among other things.

Finally, read the student handbook before you sign it. It will tell you what is in place and the consequences for not following cosmetology school standards. For instance, breaking dress codes, drug use, refusing clients, etc. could be grounds for dismissal.

Visit next Tuesday for another how-to like today’s advice on choosing the right cosmetology school. If you have a question, please email me at Until then, happy styling!

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