Bye Bye Puffy Eyes Thanks to This Friday’s Favorite

Bye Bye Puffy Eyes Thanks to This Friday’s Favorite

Bye Bye Puffy Eyes Thanks to This Friday’s Favorite

Bye, bye puffy eyes, thanks to this Friday’s favorite beauty product of the week. Revitalize the appearance of your eyes overnight from a must-have beauty product I highly recommend.

TGIF gorgeous, (said no working stylist ever)! As it is Friday, it is that time for another Ask the Pro Stylist beauty product review of the week. This Friday’s favorite says goodbye to puffy, droopy, tired eyes.

While sampling Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare’s Refresh PM Eye Serum , I can honestly say I love it. I truly enjoy the benefits of the amazing eye cream that says ciao to puffy eyes overnight. You awake feeling and looking fresh, as if your skin was tightening while you were asleep.

A richly hydrating, peptide-boosting, anti-aging concentrate helps restore a healthy barrier. In addition, the serum plumps fine lines around the eyes as you sleep. Refresh PM penetrates the delicate skin around the eyes to improve skin-tone. It also lightens dark circles, tightens, and revives the appearance of the eyes overnight.

I can attest that you wake up with bright eyes and no signs of fatigue. This serum features vitamins A and E to naturally rejuvenate and neutralize free radicals. As a result, the wrinkles and lines around your eyes will appear smaller in size and shorter in depth.

Active ingredient, Chlorella Vulgaris protects and stimulates collagen and elastin. Additionally, Liquid Crystals/Plant Extract provides an improvement in skin barrier integrity, protection, repair, and moisture. CoQ10 further feeds your cell’s energy cycle, while protecting it from free radical damage.

For more beauty reviews similar to this week’s eye serum that says goodbye to puffy eyes, visit next Friday. Until then, happy styling and Happy Thanksgiving!

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