Best Makeup Remover For Dry And/Or Aging Skin

Best Makeup Remover For Dry And/Or Aging Skin

Best Makeup Remover For Dry And/Or Aging Skin

What’s the best makeup remover for dry and/or aging skin? Find out in this Friday’s Favorite beauty product of the week from Ask the Pro Stylist.

TGIF says this hairstylist who finally has a Saturday off! As such, it is time for another Ask the Pro Stylist’s beauty review of the week. This Friday’s Favorite is the best makeup remover for dry and/or aging skin.

So, Friday’s columns have been a little lax lately. I suffered from a tinge of writers block during my job search. Gratefully, another teaching gig is underway. Because of my hunt, I wasn’t reviewing beauty products. And then the light bulb appeared as the nightly skincare routine commenced. The best makeup remover is in my hands, wiping away a hard day of cosmetics.

Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser creates younger looking skin because the “makeup comes off and the moisture stays in.” It’s similar to the consistency of petroleum jelly with the additional benefit of mineral oil and beta-carotene, an anti-oxidant beneficial for healthy skin.

The removal of makeup is effortless, including the strongest mascara. The skin around the eye area is soft thanks to the addition of moisture. Even after washing, the area is hydrated.

Additionally, the best makeup remover combats the effects of aging. I highly recommend this week’s favorite beauty product, especially for dry skin going on in years. The beauty product is available via the link at the top right.

For more beauty reviews similar to this Friday’s best makeup remover from Albolene, please visit next week. Until then, happy styling!

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