Beauty Student Hair Competitions Take Off Thanks To Sassoon Salon Job Site

Beauty Student Hair Competitions Take Off Thanks To Sassoon Salon Job Site

Beauty Student Hair Competitions Take Off Thanks To Sassoon Salon Job Site

Beauty student hair competitions are taking off thanks to Salon Matchmakers. The new Sassoon salon job site unites beauty schools and sponsors such as Great Clips and Hair Cuttery to ensure student success.

Happy Saturday Beautiful! Are you enjoying this day off as much as I am? As a hairstylist, it is rare to have this day. However, today is all mine. So, instead of New York State Board tips with Ask the Pro Stylist, I am touting the benefits of a great new website. Salon Matchmakers unites salons with future professionals thanks to beauty student hair competitions.

Salon Matchmakers has appeared here before with the first of its beauty student hair competitions. Since June the salon job site has shown great success with its latest beauty student hair competitions.

beauty student hair competitions

Dorsey School of Beauty Taylor, MI

On June 23, 2017, Great Clips was the sponsor for Salon Matchmakers’ second hair competition. As visible among the above photo, the winner, Miyada Al-hawani, shows amazing talent with her up-dos for prom season. In addition, the hairstyles are also perfect for any elegant occasion, including formal events such as weddings.

Fifty-nine participants from the Dorsey School of Beauty, Taylor Campus, had 2 weeks to submit work for the “Prom Look” contest. All participants received goody bags from Great Clips of Taylor, MI. In addition, the winner was offered reception employment for Great Clips in Taylor.

Professionals in the industry judge the beauty student hair competitions. As a result, the future cosmetologists receive a boost in confidence in addition to prizes.

Salon Matchmakers unites beauty students and professionals with employers. Salons and spas post job openings, showcasing the business’ appeal to potential employees. With Salon Matchmakers, job seekers, whether new or seasoned, have an outlet to showcase their work and ultimately find the perfect match.

Hair Cuttery sponsored Salon Matchmakers’ third student competition at the Robert Fiance Beauty School of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The Winner Announcement Ceremony was held on Wednesday, July 26 with Hair Cuttery on hand to present the winning cosmetology students 1st, 2nd and 3rd place gifts. In addition, Salon Matchmakers awarded the 1st place winner $100 cash!

beauty student hair competitions

Robert Fiance Perth Amboy, NJ

This round had students focus on “The Edgy Look.” Three winners from the 33 participants include: 1st Place:  William Laurel, 2nd Place: Tamara Gamble, and 3rd Place: Anna Ferdyn.

Salon Matchmakers’ competitions have been very effective in motivating beauty school students as well as helping the recruiting efforts of salons and spas.

We have several competitions now scheduled for the rest of the year – including a State of Minnesota Competition in August, explains Michelle Leffler, CEO. Our membership is increasing each day, which we attribute to our competitions. They are fun and easy to facilitate since everything occurs online. Our professional judges have been amazing in their support of the students’ efforts. We are happy to see the talent and creativity displayed by the participants.

Next week we return to State Board Saturday. However, if you would like to participate in the beauty school hair competitions, please contact Michelle Leffler at Until then, happy styling and good luck in your quest for your cosmetology license.!

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