Beauty Product Review to Treat Oily Skin

Beauty Product Review to Treat Oily Skin

Beauty Product Review: Baudelaire 2 in 1 Oil Absorbing Primer + Mask

Recently I received a beauty product to review that treats oily skin and as a fellow Examiner wrote up the same skin care item, I felt it better to provide my assessment on Ask The Pro, especially since my teenage son was the intended user.

Newly launched in the United States, Baudelaire hails from Australia, created by Designer Kimberly Baudelaire, who had diligently completed a 20-year search, to no avail, for a beauty product to fix her own skin care problems and treat the cause of greasy skin, clogged pores and reduce excess oil production.

When I was younger, I suffered from oily skin, not problematic, just excess oil in the T-Zone. However, my skin is now aging and not as oily as it was in my twenties, therefore this regimen was not for my skin to conduct a beauty product review on. My teenage son on the other hand also has oily skin with frequent acne breakouts and exercises 6-8 hours a day. He couldn’t wait to test out a product that would help to clear up his skin, especially since he is always on stage.

Baudelaire, the oily skin care treatment can be used three ways.

  1. As a Mask: Three times per week keeps the oil level balanced leaving skin feeling grease free yet not dehydrated.
  2. As a Primer: Once a week.
  3. As an Acne Treatment: Everyday as an overnight spot treatment till the blemish clears.

My teenage son chose to use the skin care product the third way, as an acne treatment and the results are in. After a few days of applying Baudelaire on the effected area with a cotton ball at night before bedtime, the pimples noticeably disappeared, as can be seen in the before and after shots.

In his own words, Michael’s beauty product review upon the initial treatment conveyed that he felt the acne was not “poppable” anymore and the zits “dried up” immediately.

As his mother, I noticed a significant difference in Michael’s skin after using Baudelaire and I would highly recommend this beauty product to treat oily skin from a parental and a professional perspective.

Click here for more information about purchasing Baudelaire’s 2 in 1 Oil Absorbing Primer + Mask and the links within the beauty product review for other tips and tricks on treating acne.

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