Balayage Hair Care: Best Products For Your New Hair Color

Balayage Hair Care: Best Products For Your New Hair Color

Balayage Hair Care: Best Products For Your New Hair Color

Since it is Wednesday, Balayage hair care is the question of the day. What are the best products for your new hair color? Check out today’s Ask the Pro Stylist Q&A for a revealing answer.

Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day. As such, it is time for Ask the Pro Stylist’s Reader Q&A. This Wednesday Felisha writes in with a question about balayage hair care.

Hi, I’m hoping you can help me. Friday I had a balayage done on my natural red hair. I love how it looks and want to keep it the best as long as possible. They (the salon) were trying to sell me their products, which I understand. But, let’s be honest, I splurged to get my hair done with my taxes. I don’t have the budget to spend 25 bucks on a smaller bottle of shampoo. I’m hoping you can help me out, recommending a more affordable shampoo and conditioner that I can use, which will take care of my hair.

Thank you so much,


My immediate answer is as follows:

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I only recommend professional brands. If the salon suggests a product for your hair, it is because it works synergistically with your service. Additionally, as the professional who did your hair know it better than me, his or her recommendation is best.

But, there is more I did not add. For starters, trying to skimp out on a salon service is never advisable. Professional hair care is designed to care for the service the salon provides, be it hair color or a smoothing treatment. Consequently, the best way to protect your investment is through the stylist’s recommendation. Without touching or seeing the hair, I cannot properly advise. As a result, your stylist always knows best.

If you have a question similar to this week’s quest for balayage hair care, visit next Wednesday. Until then, happy styling!

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