Bad Hair Service Or Clueless Client? How To Fix Your Dull Hair

Bad Hair Service Or Clueless Client? How To Fix Your Dull Hair

Bad Hair Service Or Clueless Client? How To Fix Your Dull Hair

Bad hair service or a clueless client? The fact is, a positive salon visit requires an active guest and an informative stylist. However, if you find your hair suffers, learn how to fix your dull hair following a bad hair service.

Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day. As such, it is time for another Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist. Did today’s reader receive a bad hair service or is she simply uninformed?

Hi Deirdre. My hairdresser used Olaplex on me during a double process. She said it is a great product. My hair was shiny and soft before, a nice blonde. However, now my hair has lost its shine, is dull and feels dry. It is not soft, looks like straw and is lighter than normal. I wish I never agreed to have her use Olaplex on my hair. What can I do at this point?
Thank you

My response:


Sorry for your dilemma. Sounds like your hair is over-processed. I suggest going back to your stylist and complain. You paid money and deserve to have a successful outcome. Or, ditch your stylist and find a new salon. Then, rehydrate your hair with professional products.

The fact is there is room for stylist error here. However, consumers should gather information about products prior to a service. The Internet could be a valuable resource or a curse with the number of non-professionals touting expert advice.

Olaplex adds protein to the hair, which provides strength. But, this could also make the hair feel dry, lackluster and brittle in some instances.  It is up to the stylist to recommend professional hydrating products.

Many love the results following an Olaplex treatment. For some it does condition. However, in a double process like Sabrina, there is the possibility the volume of developer was too high. This would cause over-processed hair, especially if the lightener overlapped pre-lightened hair.

The remedy here is to trim often and deep condition weekly. Use a hydrating conditioner daily along with a color-protect shampoo and a good leave-in. Your hair will bounce back in no time.

Please, NO MORE NAIL QUESTIONS!!! This past month alone over 20 emails with the same question landed in my inbox. Just search the site because these questions have been answered repeatedly.  If you have a question like today’s bad hair service, please email me at Until then, happy styling!

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