Backstage Styling Tips For HD Cameras: How-To Tuesday

Backstage Styling Tips For HD Cameras: How-To Tuesday

Backstage Styling Tips For HD Cameras: How-To Tuesday

For backstage styling tips for HD cameras, we turn to Michelle Rene Elam, the department head of hair on CW’s Jane the Virgin. She shares her TV styling secrets and tips for creating the hair on Season 3 with readers of Ask the Pro Stylist.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous! Welcome to How-to Tuesdays with Ask the Pro Stylist. Today’s focus is on backstage styling tips for HD cameras from the head stylist of Jane the Virgin. As a result, the following are great ideas for those professionals looking to further their stylist career to TV.

To begin, Michelle Rene Elam shares a typical hair day on the set of Jane the Virgin.

A typical hair day is a marathon of creating styles. While we are designing the actors’ looks, executing hair changes through the day, and staying on top of their upkeep on set, we are also wig shopping and designing the next episode.

For instance, “We had an episode where waterfalls of gushing water fell on different actors. We had to shoot everything with their hair dry so not to spend hours re-doing their hair from being wet. The episodes keep us on our toes!”

Backstage Styling Tips For HD Cameras: How-To Tuesday

Jane The Virgin

There are a few things to keep in mind when styling for HD says Elam. Her backstage styling tips are “very different than hair done for down the street, shopping or dining.”

According to Michelle, “Every strand out of place can look like a tree branch in HD. Yet helmet hair is not the goal. It’s a fine line to create the style looking free and natural, or formal and sexy, without it getting stiff and awkward. For example, a boar hairbrush smooths the cuticle well.  If there are trouble areas, we tuck the hair with a hidden hairpin.

Additionally, creating a solid shape before they go to set makes the difference. We often use a volume mousse for the blow dry. As a result, it gives the hair something to hold on to for hours.

My recommendations include CHI Haircare, which is great for normal hair. Fekkai is light weight for fine hair, and AG FOAM Weightless Volumizer is perfect for long hair. Finally, Moroccan Oil Volume Collection is ideal for strong heavy hair.”

For more hair how-tos and beauty career ideas such as today’s backstage styling tips for HD cameras, visit next week. Until then, happy styling!

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