Acrylate Allergy: Best Nail Products For Acrylate Allergies

Acrylate Allergy: Best Nail Products For Acrylate Allergies

Acrylate Allergy: Best Nail Products For Acrylate Allergies

An acrylate allergy is on this week’s Q&A agenda. As it has become quite redundant, today will be the last time Ask the Pro Stylist covers this nails topic. If you suffer from an acrylate nails allergy, please read below.

Whoop, whoop, it’s Hump Day! As such, it is time for another Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist. Today’s questions are from 2 readers that suffer from an acrylate nail allergy. However, this will be the last time this topic appears here.

Chantelle says, ‘I found out I’m allergic to so far everything but regular nail polish. Everything makes me want to bite off my fingers as they swell and are ridiculously itchy. Is there anything out there that doesn’t have acrylates?’

Jessica wants to know, ‘I am desperate to find any gel type nail polishes that don’t contain acrylic of any sort. I have a severe acrylate allergy. I can use silk wraps to lengthen my nails, thank goodness, but now I can’t paint them because if I use regular polish they always smudge and never last longer than 2 days. It’s upsetting as I fell in love with long perfectly painted nails. I now have a way for long, but not polished nails. Can you please help?

To begin, I am a hair stylist, not a nail technician. While I am knowledgeable in the field, and covered many nail stories, it is best to ask a nail tech or visit a nail magazine. Additionally, there are many different acrylates on the market. To determine your specific allergy, you must visit a doctor.

The nail business has an abundance of new products popping up frequently. However, all, including adhesives, contain some type of acrylate in different forms. Again, this is why you need to see a physician. It is highly unusual for one person to be allergic to all of them.

In addition, the nail technician might be at fault with improper application of artificial nails. And, prolonged use and exposure will increase skin sensitivity. In short, it is best to just give the nails a break.

After wearing wraps with gel polish for 4 months, I stopped. My nails were weak and brittle. Since then, I keep a natural nail. Sometimes health is better than beauty. Maybe I will go back, maybe not.

A healthy polish alternative is easily found in a Google search. I love Butter London. Additionally, Kiss press-on nails and ImPress nails offer a quick, weekly fashion manicure. The ladies at my salon wear them often and highly recommend the nails.

If you have a beauty or hair question please email me at However, this is the last nail piece or acrylate allergy article I will write. Until then, happy styling!

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