Nail Salon No-No: Get OFF Your Phone!

Nail Salon No-No: Get OFF Your Phone!

Nail Salon No-No: Get OFF Your Phone!

A popular nail salon no-no is to simply get off your phone. So, lady who took 4 calls today, you have been issued a violation from this week’s Hair Police.

Happy Monday beautiful and welcome to another Hair Police from Ask the Pro Stylist! As I attempted to enjoy a day-off manicure, I experienced a typical nail salon no-no, which majorly interfered with my 1-hour of relaxation.

I finally started taking time for me and once again paying attention to my nails. This Monday was scheduled for a fill-in. As I sat in the chair, literally falling asleep, a loud and obnoxious realtor walked in to have a mani/pedi done at the same time.

As she was still on the clock, she felt it fine to answer her calls, all 4 of them in 20 minutes. But it wasn’t that she answered and then quickly said ciao. Nooo, she had very loud and somewhat personal conversations. Unfortunately I now know all about her gout and other physical ailments.

I have written about rude cell phone behavior before, but from the other side of the beauty chair. Guests who are continually on the phone disrupt and interfere with the service.

But this guest didn’t just make the nail technicians maneuver their application; she committed a nail salon no-no. Most attend spas and nail salons to relax with some type of massage; back, neck, hand or foot. Listening to someone work (loudly) brings us all back to what we are trying to escape in the first place.

So, Miss rude loud cell phone talker in Lynbrook, consider yourself ticketed by the Hair Police for your nail salon no-no. Be mindful the next time you are on your phone in public because Ask the Pro Stylist just might be watching. Until then, happy styling!

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