2015 Prom Hairstyles Seen on Sadie Robertson at NYFW

2015 Prom Hairstyles Seen on Sadie Robertson at NYFW

2015 Prom Hairstyles Seen on Sadie Robertson at NYFW

Its 2015 prom hairstyles season, or at least say the guests of Ask the Pro Stylist. Seniors have begun to post their prom dresses in their high school’s dedicated social media page and are on the hunt for hairstyles to match. Sadie Robertson, recently seen at the Sherri Hill presentation during NYFW, modeled what will be a popular look for prom, a braided updo with texture. The lead stylist from Farouk Systems has detailed below how to replicate one of the hottest of the 2015 prom hairstyles.

Celebrated prom gown and evening attire designer Sherri Hill presented her 2015 Collection during NYFW, which featured Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and Miss Universe contestant, Australian Tegan Martin. One of the 2015 prom hairstyles featured was created by
 Farouk Systems Lead Hair Artist Tammy Mixon for the BioSilk line.

For this Tuesday’s How-to Guide, and as we near graduation, Ask the Pro Stylist will feature fabulous 2015 prom hairstyles, to inspire my clients and you as well. Tammy Mixon has detailed how to get Sherri Hill runway look below, taking inspiration from the collection’s classic Hollywood glam.

Sherri Hill 2015 3

2015 Prom Hairstyles             Tegan Martin



2015 Prom Hairstyles

2015 Prom Hairstyles          Sadie Robertson

According to Mixon, “The collection combined the richness of luxurious silks, velvet, taffeta, and opulent beading, while the hair reflected a soft romantic style to compliment the designs. I wanted to create a romantic updo using braids with a soft swirled rosette.”

2015 Prom Hairstyles by Farouk Systems Lead Hair Artistt Tammy Mixon for BioSilk

2015 Prom Hairstyles

2015 Prom Hairstyles

  1. Prep the ends of the hair with BioSilk Silk Therapy Lite.
  2. Section the fringe area in a triangle with a center part and clip to isolate.
  3. Spiral curl the top of the head using the DURA CHI 1” Curling Iron to add texture.
  4. Backcomb the crown area and spray the root area with BioSilk Natural Hold Hairspray to create volume.
  5. On the left side of head, direct hair back loosely.
  6. Starting behind the ear, braid a three-strand braid, adding hair in from the nape only; continue to just past the center of the nape.
  7. Add remaining hair on the right side and continue braid leaving, 1-2 inches braided.
  8. Turn braid backward in a circling form, creating a rosette shape.
  9. Secure with pins.
  10. Next, loosely curl fringe area directing backward with the DURA CHI 1” Curling Iron.
  11. Spray with BioSilk Firm Hairspray to set the look.
  12. Finish by lightly spraying with BioSilk Shine On.

    2015 Prom Hairstyle

    Tegan Martin

For more 2015 prom hairstyles, tune in every Tuesday for photos, guides and inspiration. Until then, happy styling!

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